Sinking Fish Feed Machine

Wet type fish feed pellet machine: It is equipped with a preparation device to ripen the feed raw materials, and is usually used for large-volume production of feed lines for use with can produce neat and uniform beautiful ultra-small diameter particles, has good self-cleaning effect, no need to disassemble, good ripening degree, high water content, wide application range, can produce high oil, high moisture materials, mainly Used in aquatic feed, pet food and animal feed.

Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder For Sale

Parameter Of Sinking Fish Feed Machine

ModelCapacity (kg/h)Main power (kw)Feeder power (kw)Screw Diameter (mm)Cutter power (kw)Machine size (mm)Weight (kg)

Features of Lima Wet Type Fish Feed Machine

  • Extrusion processing is a processing technology that passes raw materials through high temperature, high pressure and instant maturation, and integrates conveying, crushing, extrusion, mixing, shearing, high temperature sterilization and molding.
  • It can process viscous, high fat and high moisture raw materials.
  • Good water resistance, the aquatic feed pellets can be very stable in water. Whether it is a soaking feed or a floating feed, it can be kept from immersion in water for 12 hours, which can maintain the water quality of the culture and reduce the waste of feed.
  • Higher digestibility. The digestibility of starch, protein and the like is improved, and the strong extrusion can degrade some of the compact cellulose and keratin proteins, so that the digestibility is greatly improved.
  • Excellent palatability. The finished puffed particles have the characteristics of porous and uniform texture, and produce partial aroma substances, which increase the feeding traits of the feed, stimulate the appetite of the aquatic animals, and increase the feed intake.
  • Broaden the scope of raw material utilization. The twin-screw extruder can enrich the feed resources by processing excess water, grease or cellulosic material into other forms of aquatic products.

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