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Aquatic resources are among the most important agricultural commodities. Around 7.5 percent of the food consumed in the world is derived from lakes, oceans and rivers. The protein consumed by people living in countries that are developing mostly comes from aquatic sources. As the population shrinks populations, people will become increasingly dependent upon the industry of aquaculture. In the aquaculture industry in the world the majority of people originate from developing countries in Asia.

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Shrimp Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer

The production line for shrimp feed at Lima is designed to fulfill the design specifications of the crab and shrimp compound feed manufacturing. The production of aqua feed typically involves crushing mix, pelleting drying, post-curing, cooling and other procedures.

Due to the demanding demands of crab and shrimp feed’s crushing particles and the stability of the water The shrimp feed plant design follows the method of first pulverizing before mixing, pulverizing twice and mixing two times.

Post-maturation can improve the viscosity and viscosity of the shrimp and crab feed, and increase its water stability. Multiple levels of dispersion of workshops for shrimp feeding as well as the proper positioning of shrimp feed production equipment is conducive to the automated production of machinery to make shrimp feed and cost reductions.

In addition to providing a shrimp feed pellet production lines We also offer an extruded shrimp food processing line to customers to select from. Presently, aquatic feed producers are confronting unique issues. On the one hand they have to provide specific aquaculture-related feeds while at the same time, aqua feeds they produce have to be comparable in terms of price and quality.

These needs could be addressed by the process of pelletizing as well as extruded shrimp food. This processing technique can not only lower the cost of production of shrimp feed and boost effectiveness, it can also permit farmers to gain substantial economic benefits through the use of shrimp feed pelletized or extruded feed for shrimp.

Features of Shrimp Feed Pellet Machine

  1. In accordance with different specifications The shrimp feed machine is able to produce various shapes of high-quality feed pellets to shrimps, fish .etc
  2. The service time of The shrimp feed pellet ringdie with hole diameter O1.8mm is as high as 8500t, and continuous production of 2500h and an production of more than 8.5t.
  3. Double-layer jacket insulation conditioner and double-shaft differential conditioner. Hygienic conditioner is an option for the prawn feed equipment Better maturing performance.
  4. The new feeding scraper for this shrimp feeding machine splits the material into two pressing zones to ensure a smooth discharge and a stable operation.
  5. The electric heating system of the machine for making prawns is used to increase the rate of expansion of the feed as well as times for pellets to floating.
  6. Shrimp feed pellet mill is equipped with a pneumatic external discharging mechanism, which allows the automatic discharge of external power in the event of blockage or overloading the motor’s main current.
  7. The cutter for shrimp feed can be adjusted to produce pellets with different lengths.

How Does Shrimp Feed Machine Work?

The method used to process this shrimp pelletizer is to ensure that different raw materials are precisely measured by the batching scale followed by micro-pulverizers and mixed in the mixer for shrimp feed. After the materials have been well mixed, they are taken to the conditioner to be conditioned after which shrimp feed is formed into pellets by the shrimp feed pelletizing machine, and then cooled by the cooler , resulting in an end product.

Different shrimps at different growth stages have different requirements in terms of size and feed pellets Therefore, selecting the correct crusher technology as well as shrimp feeding equipment is crucial.

The industry of processing feed has experienced massive changes over the last 20 years. Processing of piglet and poultry feed and Extrusion-based processing for the fish feed has been widely accepted and adopted.

But, the pelleting process used through a shrimp feed pellet machine is still employed to make shrimp feed due to the fact that the price of pelleting with shrimp feed pellet machines is less than extrusion and expansion of shrimp feed extruder machines and shrimp are consumed in the ocean. So long as shrimp feed manufacturers are able to find ways to increase the stability of their pellets in water they will be able to avoid using the extrusion to make shrimp feed.

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