Common Problems In the Use Of fish feed Extruder

Trouble Problem Of Fish Feed Machine

Your floating fish feed machine will have many problems. Low production output, excessive puffing or insufficient puffing and poor pellet formation are some common problems. We have helped clients with this problem.

Problems In the Use Of fish feed Extruder
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Solutions for Low Production Output

  • If the screw head is very worn, replace it or the entire screw.
  • If the bushing on the extrusion chamber has become worn, please replace it.
  • Do you want to change the formuation? For sinking pellets, starch percentage is >=20%; for floating pellets, starch percentage is >=10%. Also, don’t put too much animal protein in floating materials.

Solutions for Too Much Puffing or Not Enough Puffering

1. The Raw Materials are Puffed Too High

  • The conditioner temperature is too high (for wet type machines)
  • The rotation speed of the host is too fast
  • Too much or too little water added to the raw materials, or in conditioner
  • The holes in the die mold are blocked.

2. The material’s puffing degree is not sufficient

  • The extruder output is very low
  • The conditioner’s temperature is too low
  • The rotating speed of the host machine’s is too slow
  • The heating plate temperature in an extrusion chamber is not high enough
  • The conditioner’s or the raw material’s water content is too low
  • Have you ever modified the formula?

3. Poor Pellet Forming

  • The raw material formulation is poor
  • The working temperature is either too high or low
  • Balance is not a factor in feeding raw materials
  • The cutting speed is incorrect, it may be too high or low.
  • The cutting blades must be worn
  • If the powder raw material size is too large, you can find out the requirements for the size.

4. The final pellets have a rough surface and different lengths

  • Some partial holes in the die mold are blocked
  • The raw materials are not sufficient in their finesse
  • The raw material conditioning is poor
  • The quality of die mold holes is very poor
  • The cutting blades must be worn
  • The water content of the raw materials does not match the actual.

5. Extrusion Temperature Too Low

  • The steam conditioning temperature is too low for a wet-type machine
  • The steam inlet pipe from the puffing chamber is blocked, or the temperature of an electric heating device is too low (for wet type machines)
  • For wet type machines, jacketed steam line (trap), plugged
  • Either the temperature of the electric heater plate is too low, or the switch to the electric heating is not on
  • The moisture content of raw material is too high

6. Before they can exit the die hole, particles are blocked

  • The raw material’s particle size is too high relative to the die hole size.
  • It is not enough water to make the material flow.
  • The screw rod is very worn
  • Blockage of the feeding inlet

There is no material discharge when adding materials.


1. Too small a gap between the cone shaft’s cone shaft and the outlet die’s inner cone.

2. In a short amount of time, too much material is added.


1. For 3-4 turns, press the outlet die, cone shaft and back screws.

2. Reduce the speed of feeding.

The standard temperature is not reached in the extruding chamber.


1. The resistance ring’s diameter is too small or it is damaged.

2. Do not add steam, or the quality of steam is poor.


1. Replace the resistance ring.

2. Check the steam pipe or open the steam valve.

No output during normal operation


1. In a short amount of time, too much material is added.

2. Outlet die is blocked by metal or hard material.


Turn off the machine and clear any blockages.

The pellet’s diameter is too large.


The outlet die hole is worn out.


Change the die.

The pellet’s diameter is too small.


The outlet hole is too small.


Change the die.

Material splashing during feeding.


Too much material was fed in too fast, or the material was not properly fed or blocked.


1. You can control the speed of your feeding.

2. If blocked, do as problem

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