Locally Fabricated Fish Feed Machine in Nigeria

Manufactured fish feeds providing the balanced nutrition for farmed fish, it’s an important part of modern commercial aquaculture. Feed pellet meaning the form of granules or pellets which are made by fish feed pellet machine, it can provide the nutrition in a stable and concentrated form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential.

Floating Fish Feed Machine

Electric Motor Fish Feed Machine
Electric Motor Fish Feed Machine
Diesel Engine Fish Feed Machine
Diesel Engine Fish Feed Machine

Floating fish feed pellet machine is widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. It is can be used as a single production machine for a fish feed pellet producing, also can be used as key equipment in fish feed production line. It has become the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized fish farms and fish feed processing plants.

ModelCapacity (kg/h)Main power (kw)Feeder power (kw)Screw Diameter (mm)Cutter power (kw)Machine size (mm)Weight (kg)
LM40-single phase30-405.50.4Φ400.41400*1030*1200220
LM40-Three phase30-405.50.4Φ400.41400*1030*1200240
LM40 -Diesel30-4012HP0.4Φ400.41400*1250*1200320

Sinking Fish Feed Machine

Under the action of the squeezing force of the ring die and pressure roller of the sinking fish feed machine, the powders with a certain temperature and humidity are close to each other and rearranged. The air contained in the powder particles is gradually squeezed away, and the powder close to each other, the connecting force increases, and finally it is pressed into pellets by sinking fish feed pellet machine with a certain density and strength.

Buy Sinking Fish Feed Machine
Sinking Fish Feed Machine For Sale
ModelCapacity (kg/h)Main power (kw)Feeder power (kw)Screw Diameter (mm)Cutter power (kw)Machine size (mm)Weight (kg)

In the granulation process of the sinking fish feed pellet machine, the protein and sugar in the feed become plastic when heated, and the starch is partially gelatinized. Therefore, the granulation process of the sinking pellet feed machine for fish can be said to be an extrusion thermoplastic process, but after the feed is granulated, the gelatinization degree of the starch is generally about 30% or lower, and this is mainly accomplished by steam conditioning.

If you want to increase the gelatinization degree of starch, you must extend the conditioning time or use a conditioning tank. Compared with a sinking fish feed extruder machine, the degree of gelatinization improved by the sinking fish feed machine is limited. However, the sinking pellets for aquatic animals produced by the sinking fish feed pellets machine is very suitable for sinking aquatic animals and benthic prawns and herrings.

In addition, in the sinking fish feeds pelleting machine’s granulation processing method, it can be used to emphasize the quality of maturation, the fish feed making material is double-layered or three-layer strengthened and tempered, so that the starch is fully gelatinized, and the digestibility of the bait can also be greatly improved.

Fish Feed Production Line

500-1000Kg/H Fish Feed Making Plant For Sale
500-1000Kg/H Fish Feed Making Plant For Sale (2-4 T/H or higher output can be customized)

Lima fish feed production line processes can accurately control pellet density for specific product attributes, such as sinking or floating properties. The user can manufacture a wide range of products that are adapted to the nutritional requirements of the animals, when required, and feed dimensions perfectly calibrated from 0.9~15 mm.

With Lima fish feed production plant, customers can minimize costs while ensure optimal product quality and maximize revenue. Meanwhile, customer can produce ideal feed of maximum digestibility and feed conversion ratio, so the overall health is guaranteed. pellet machine leading aquatic animals (fish, shrimp, crab, etc.) feed production line solutions meet customer’s individual line from 0.5 to 5 tons per hour production needs.

Why Extruded Fish Feed Is Better?

How to make Floating fish feed

Extruded fish feed is based on your specific feed section and style. With the increase in feed costs and the demand for healthy fish, fish feed extrusion is very helpful.

More palatable: Apply pressure during the extrusion process to make the feed softer and more digestible. The drying process is mild and the feed retains all its natural sweetness. It effectively retains the flavor, making the feed suitable for both young and mature fish.

Healthier: Extruded feed with a high saving rate and high nutrient digestibility and high nutritional value. Through effective treatment, all nutrients are retained, while effectively combined with vitamin supplements, so that fish can digest more than 90% of the feed. This is much higher than ordinary pellets.

Reduced wastage: Extruded feed is compact during processing and transportation without leakage or dispersion. The feed is spread evenly on the water surface, so that the fish can be enjoyed evenly when it is dissolved in the water.

Hygienic and safer: In the extruded feed, the situation of infection and disease caused by untreated feed is eliminated. Under the high temperature and high pressure of more than 100 degrees Celsius, bacteria and other organisms are eliminated. This will keep the feed safe.

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Price of Fish Feed Extruder Machine in Nigeria
We provide floating fish feed extruder to Nigeria at the prices from US$2000 to US$7500, depending on what production capacity the customers choose. By the way, …

Floating Fish Feed Machine in Nigeria
The feed pelleting machine is locally fabricated in Nigeria, which is operated by diesel engine, electricity powered machine or manually.

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locally made dry floating fish feed machine in nigeria
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locally fabricated fish feed machine in nigeria
Sinking fish feed machine. With a fish feed extruder, you can use cheap local raw materials to produce high-quality feed and reduce feed costs. Get Price Now!

Standard floating fish feed pellet machine
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PRODUCTION OF FLOATING LOCAL FISH FEED IN NIGERIA FLOATING LOCAL FISH FEED … buy the feeds machines (locally fabricated and imported pelleting machine).

fish feed production machines nigeria-fishesfeedmachine
Sinking fish feed machine. With a fish feed extruder, you can use cheap local raw materials to produce high-quality feed and reduce feed costs. Get Price Now!

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