Fish Feed Production Line

Fish feed production line is a complete and automatic fish feed production plant. The complete fish feed pellet production line includes fish feed pellet machine, fish feed crusher, fish feed mixer, fish feed dryer and other necessary equipment.

200-500kg/h Fish Feed Making Plant

Floating fish feed mills can be corn, soybeans, wheat, grains, protein, fish meal, bone meal and other raw materials processed into granules, eventually produce a variety of shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrition, taste exquisite particles, widely used in the production of goldfish, tropical fish feed, feed catfish feed, shrimp feed, such as a turtle feed aquatic feed.

4T/H Fish Feed Production Line for Sale

This fish feed plant is multifunctional, it can also produce pet feed, such as dogs, cats, etc., floating fish feed factory is the best choice for large and medium-sized feed plants and farms. This fish feed processing line has different yields for customers to choose from, from small to large. The output is 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, 2-4t/h, etc.

The floating fish feed processing plant is newly developed by our factory to meet the needs of intensive production of various fish feed pellets. Floating fish feed production line specifications, can produce floating fish feed, submerged fish feed, pet feed, livestock and poultry feed.

The Characteristics of Fish Feed Production Line

1. Wide application range. Our factory can not only produce floating and slow sinking fish feed, but also produce pet food, suitable for fish owners, fish feed manufacturers and pet food factories..

2. Large capacity span. Capacity ranges from 300 kg/h to 4000 kg/h. Whether you are using it for yourself or for business, you can find the right models and competitive prices here.

3. Strict detail control. It is equipped with PLC control box and alarm device to ensure smooth and safe operation.

4. Reasonable configuration. Less energy consumption, small footprint, less investment in construction projects.

5. Simple assembly and disassembly. Facilitates rapid shipment and installation.

Fish Feed Pellets Making Processing

The technological process of the fish feed factory mainly includes material grinding, material mixing, particle extrusion, particle drying and particle packaging. The relevant machines are as follows.

Pulverization of feed materials

The water stability and digestibility of feed pellet can be improved by grinding material. Our diesel feed hammer mill and electric feed hammer mill can meet your needs for a small fish feed pelleting line. We can also provide shredders for large fish feed pellet production lines.

Feed mixing

Mixing is a main process to ensure feed quality and improve feed effect. We provide horizontal ribbon feed mixer to mix fish feed ingredients, which can be mixed evenly. With large loading coefficient and small footprint, the mixer is widely used in feed mills.

Extrusion of fish food

We have dry fish feed extruder and wet fish feed extruder for pelleting. The wet extruder has a regulator and requires a steam boiler, while the dry fish feeder does not. The former is suitable for large fish feed pellet plant, while the latter is more suitable for small and medium-sized feed pellet users or fish feed pellet production plant.

Fish feed pellets dry

We offer a multilayer mesh belt feed pellet dryer for drying the pellets coming out of the fish feeder. The particles are evenly spread on the wire mesh belt conveyor and transported in the dryer. Hot air passes through the particles and carries moisture away.

Fish feed pellet cooling

Fish feed pellet packaging

The fish feed pellet packing machine is composed of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic control box. It can weigh particles quickly and accurately. Simple structure and reliable operation.

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